✅ You want to be able to manage your mind so you can focus on what’s important.
✅ You sometimes have trouble relaxing because of constant negative thoughts.
✅ You want to engage with your creativity and focus on solutions.
✅ You want to move past fear and get to work on your dreams.
✅ You want to be in charge of your own mind instead of it being in charge of you.

You will be walking away with:
✭ An understanding of what's getting in the way of your focus and what you want.
✭ Simple tools for how to stop negative thinking and to  independently choose what to focus on.
✭ Practical experience of what it means to live free from thought.
✭ Ability to access your creativity in finding solutions when you need it.
✭ A fundamental new understanding of how to manage your mind.

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You want to have an amazing positive impact in the world. But if you’ve ever tried to make a major change in your life or career you know its not that easy.

Even just thinking about changing your life has your mind jumping around, being unfocused or filled with negative images and worrying thoughts about what might happen. At times your thoughts just feel like they have a "mind of their own" and are beyond your ability to control.

So until now you might have put those dreams off because it was too difficult to cut through the distractions and stay focused.

So why is it so hard to get your thinking straight?

What you need to understand is that your mind is sometimes acting on its own, because you haven’t yet learned how to use it optimally. Like an untamed horse that hasn’t yet learned to work with you, it sometimes just gets spooked and runs off. So what you need is to learn little by little how to manage your mind.

So what is the mind?

When you are experiencing a mental movie, hear an internal voice or see a picture in your thoughts this is your mind. It is a system that has evolved to keep you safe and alive by simulating possible futures and recalling past learning. It is immensely helpful but it is not always the best way to use yourself. Especially if it won’t let you rest.

In this 3 hour workshop we’ll go over the basics of how the mind works based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle who has written impactful books like "The Power of Now", illuminating the nature of the mind and some ways to manage it.

Attention!: This workshop is not suitable for those suffering from severe trauma, depression, or mental health disorders. I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist and the methods I’ll teach here will only work for average healthy adults that want to become more focused and relaxed in their daily life.

I'll be sharing my journey, that took me from being a successful IT-consultant and project manager to building my heart-centered business around an important purpose, all largely due to my ability to manage my mind well.

We’ll start at 10.00 with introductions and then dig into why this subject is fundamental to your success, outline the basic operation pattern of the mind and several useful mindsets.

Then we’ll get on with some nice exercises so you can experience for yourself separate from your mind and practice several techniques that if practiced regularly will allow you to disconnect from unwanted thinking.

Finally we’ll talk about some steps you can take to incorporate these practices into your life + some Q&A if we have time before we end at 13.00.

*Bring Pen & Paper - we will be writing stuff down!

About the Host

I'm Mads Damgaard and I'm a Professional Erickson Coach from Erickson Coaching International. My background is in IT project management with a Msc Comp-sci & busines admin and I help mid & senior-level professionals find their dream career. I have been meditaing for many years now and have implemented the methods I teach into my own life for great effect. More info here: www.damgaardcoaching.com

Registration and Details

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