About the event

The venue can hold no more than 50 people, registration is necessary. To register and secure a spot, kindly write an email to Michael Jacobsen at: durian79@gmail.com.

Chamtrul Rinpoche will be visiting think.dk to offer his advice and interpretation of how to integrate Buddhist principals in today and tomorrow's environment. 

About Chamtrul Rinpoche

From https://www.bodhicitta.org/chamtrul-rinpoche/ :
"Having completed his studies, he returned to his monastery, opened a monastic college, and stayed there for a number of years to teach the monks.

Since 1996, he has been teaching in numerous Buddhist institutes around the world, and regularly at the Bodhicitta Dharma Centre in the Indian Himalayan town of Dharamsala. Over the years he has taught thousands of students from about a hundred different countries.

Always ready to give Dharma teachings wherever they are needed, and following numerous invitations from many of his students, Chamtrul Rinpoche frequently travels the world, giving teachings, empowerments, transmissions, and lectures.

Teaching in accordance with his students' temperaments, interests, and capacities, his range of subjects include sutra, tantra, and dzogchen. Through his invaluable knowledge and practical advice, he compassionately guides them towards inner peace and happiness."

Chamtrul Rinpoche
In Chamtrul Rinpoche's own words:

"Teaching is what I do in this life, wherever someone asks me to teach, I am there.

Without discriminating against anybody based on their gender, race, creed and so forth, I wish them to enjoy excellent peace and harmony.

I try to the best of my ability to promote the view, meditation and conduct of non-violence, which is the indispensable source for the spread and enhancement of the inner peace of mind." 

For more information please check Chamtrul Rinpoche's website and here.

About the Host

Michael is a long time member of think.dk who believes in the Buddhist world views. He believes that thinks.dk's environmental manifesto and the Buddhist world views share the key approach of sustained and wholesome integration and balance to ensure mankind will have a future on planet earth. 

Registration and Details

The event is donation based and the suggested donation is between 100 -200, -DKK.  The donations go towards covering Rinpoche's travel expenses 

The venue can hold NO MORE THAN 50 PEOPLE therefore registration is necessary. To register and secure a spot kindly write an email to Michael Jacobsen at: durian79@gmail.com.