When my doctor informed me that i have incurable metastatic cancer and chemo therapy can only prolong my life for some time, my first thought was, "Not again, I will not go through this one more time if my doctor cannot promise me to live”. So I looked for another option. Today I would like to share with you my life changing experience.

I believe I speak on behalf of many cancer patients when I’m saying that facing the diagnose of terminal cancer is not an easy thing to do. All your life suddenly runs through your mind with one question: What is next?

In my search I have found that there are many alternative options available today. I did my research and i decided to choose the option that made most sense to me at the time. The option was to use a medical food diet and bio-energy evaluation methods as a tool to improve my immune system and my energy and maybe most importantly, the quality of my life. This method is based on traditional Chinese medicine and a holistic understanding of our body and mind.

In this workshop I would like to share my life changing experience and how I found a way to survive chronic cancer. And I have invited my therapist to give you a better explanation of the theoretical part of what I am doing and how it is working.

In this workshop we will also demonstrate how we can read the energy flow in the body. We will explain the different energies of the food and herbs we have used and how energy and psychology plays a great role in our wellbeing.

You will go home with some food and herbal tea recipes for your own health maintenance.

P.s workshop will be in both Danish and English. We'll translate as needed.

Price: 80,- DKK

Payment: Mobilepay to +4550503005 or cash at the event.

A note from think.dk:

We welcome a debate on pros and cons of alternative treatments – we host this event to share personal experiences and enable people to make better decisions in their own life. We are all different individuals – we believe we all need individual health care options which are aligned with our personal beliefs.