The Event

Hoffman's Cheerleaders is a community-based initiative in Copenhagen for people who share an interest in psychedelic substances. We intend to create an atmosphere of openness, love and humility where people can meet and talk, learn, share, laugh, cry and make friends.  It will be a project recurring every other thursday. There will be psychedelic integration circles, movie nights, lectures and more. It is free to attend, but we do appreciate donations to keep it going. No intake or selling of substances are allowed at the event. We believe that psychedelics, if practiced responsibly, can bring healing, insight and a humanity more closely connected to the living planet. These sacred plants are pregnant with Gaian intentionality. They are the pipelines into the organic collectivity of planetary life. The divorce from this Gaian connection is what has caused this current critical predicament in which we find ourselves, and both humanity and nature have suffered greatly because of it. Having severed this shamanic spiritual connection to the living nature, depression, meaninglessness, existentialism and disconnection have been spreading like wildfire. We no longer remember what we have lost, we simply have an ache we can’t get rid of, and unrelenting pleasure-hunting has taken the place of shamanic ritual practice. We can, however, not continue to accept feel-good philosophies of unbridled hedonism as the holy grail of social organization. We believe that a space like this will contribute to opening people’s eyes to the extraordinary potential of these sacred plants and thus revivify a healthy partnership between man and nature.

The Hosts

We are three people behind this project. First man onboard our ship is Martin Kufahl, chairman of Psykedelisk Samfund, which is an organsation that works for safe and responsible integration of psychedelic substances for the benefit of individuals and societies. Martin has facilitated several psychedelic integration circles and meetings in which experiences were shared and questions answered in a social and safe environment. Next man on the ship is Rasmus Rekyl Jørgensen who is founder of the Wake collective which is a team of therapists, teachers, artists and psychologists that strives to inspire, inform, experiment, spread joy and bring on the change they want to see in the world. Rasmus has many years of experience in hosting integration circles, ceremonies and events, especially in arts and music. Finally, last man aboard the ship is another board member of Psykedelisk samfund, Christian Funder who is a teacher, philosophy enthusiast, psychedelic author and believer that these sacred plants, if practiced with respect, love and humility can act as pipelines to the long-lost Gaian mind of the living planet from which we have so much to learn.

Registration and Details

If you wish to attend, then we advice youth the facebook event: "PS København Kick-off" posted in the "Psykedelisk Samfund"  facebook page. The event is free and donation based. Kontaktinformation: