A Wake collective experience is like the waves on the ocean shore. Never the same, but part of the same. It's the ripple effect. An art installation. A ceremony. A concert. A wisdom sharing. A "rave" or a conscious clubbing night. We are planting seeds of inspiration. Making trees grow.

On this night we present Peruvian medicine musician and shaman:

Soundjourney and medicine music concert

He will share his own songs and channelings from the rainforest and share from the wisdom of the tribes of the forest.

the first 1.5 hours is a workshop facilitated by the Climate movement - Extinction Rebellion from 18.30 to around 20.
If you have signed up for the workshop in advance and is a contributor of XR, you participate for free ♥

At a place, one wouldn't think
We find stillness in our waters
No formal boundaries or borders.
Except, leave no trace, nature prefer this favour.
And leave solitude and silence for the neighbours :)

It's a place for liberty. All are welcome.
With understanding open heart and unity
Come one or come plentysome.
As long as you do us the favour;
Pay respect to mother nature. And our inclusive community.
So come contribute. With your gifts or with your presence.
Let's share magic moments in magnitude.
Embrace this life, in silence, in dance, in gratitude.

Registration and Details


Normal donation: 222,-
(reserve a spot by mobilepay 111,- upfront to 31213141 before the 17/10 3pm and pay 111,- CASH at arrival. If you forget cash the price will be 151 by MP!), 50% discount for think.dk members.

Abundance donation: 333,-
(Reserve a spot within the front circles, by mobilepay: 222,- upfront to 31213141 and pay 111,- CASH at arrival). 50% discount for think.dk members 

* Please bring your own cup as well as a bottle of water.
*Material may be recorded during the event for documentation purposes and to let the medicine of this space reach a broader crowd. Please inform us if you do not wish to be visible in such material

Eventhough this is not a burner event, we honour parts of the 10 (11) principles of Burning Man as a guideline and follow them to the extent possible (to the best of our judgement). Please take time to familiarize yourself with them https://burningman.org/culture/philosophical-center/10-principles

The value of a gift is unconditional. Please consider bringing something as a gift for the community. Be it home baked cookies, a massage, fruit, snacks, or blankets and pillows.