Friday bar is obviously a thing in Copenhagen. And even though we are usually stubborn towards joining traditional, old paradigm stuff, this one is actually making a lot of sense to us - so let's have a drink together!

We don't care about small talk, though. We talk big – politics, religion, ecology, science, gender issues, and all kinds of other relevant topics keep coming up during our community dinners, so we decided to give them a proper stage that's not cut off by bedtime routines.

Of course, you can also just join to catch up or to find out what's happening at the Center for Acceleration of Change :)

We have beer, wine and soft drinks for fair prices - all organic and as regional as possible. We also have some snacks here, but nothing that could seriously replace a proper dinner. Except beer, of course ;)

Bring your friends!

This event is free and everybody is welcome.