About the event

✅ You are sometimes afraid to speak your mind for fear that your partner will get angry.
✅ You feel like no matter what you say the discussion turns into an argument.
✅ You are unsure how to respond when you feel hurt by the actions of someone close to you
✅ You want to honestly express yourself in a way that increases likelihood of finding understanding and support.
✅ You want to heal & mend strained relationships and have more closeness and care for each other.

You will be walking away with:
✭ Deeper understanding of some common reasons why communication breaks down.
✭ Simple ways of adjusting your focus, intention and wording to be heard and understood better.
✭ Learn to keep your selfworth separate from the way people talk to you and how to respond to a tense situation.
✭ Learn to speak about your experience in the most direct plain way that has a low likely hood of leading to trouble
✭ Solid knowledge of the principles to building trust and understanding in a relationship (not only with your partner but any close relationship).

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We’ve all had the experience that we feel unfairly treated in some way and have tried to voice our hurt only to be met with antagonism and further distancing. It can feel very confusing and drive us to despair precisely when we need support the most.

For example: You have been working very hard and come home just needing to collapse on the sofa and do nothing and your partner asks you if you made that important phonecall you were supposed to make which completely slipped your mind in the heat of the day. You feel a knot in your stomach and say “Sorry I forgot, I’ll do it tomorrow”, but your partner inexplicably still gets upset with you. Then you get angry because your partner obviously doesn’t care how tired you are and is just being selfish, and the evening devolves into a shouting match. You both go to bed angry and hurt, not speaking to each other and neither of you get much rest, care and recovery.

Sound familiar ?

This communication scenario is quite common and filled with landmines as you can see. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to change that story into one that ends with hugging on the sofa and watching Netflix together?

Whats missing is listening for, understanding and expressing understanding of the real feelings & needs your partner has in that moment as well as understanding, acknowledging and expressing clearly and without blame your own feelings and needs. As soon as we feel that the other person understands us and that we are heard we can much better relax and are more open to hearing the needs of the other.

If you think you are already doing this, I'll challenge you a little here and say that, there may still be one or two things you can learn about this. Because it is not that easy..

But with a little care and change in habits of communication you can increase your chances that your partner will actually listen to you & consider your point of view. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to human beings though because we are complicated and old resentment may have to be cleared first, but there are ways of increasing your chances of being heard.

Thats are what we are going to get into in this 3 hour workshop at Think. We’ll start at 10.00 with introductions and talk about some of the common pitfalls in communications in close relationships. I’ll also be sharing a bit about the journey I took to become a better communicator. Then we’ll try out some real examples of how different ways of communication feels and learn how we can work things out better.
Finally we’ll talk about some steps you can take to incorporate these practices into your life + some Q&A if we have time.

Bring Pen & Paper - we will be writing stuff down!

About the Host

I'm Mads Damgaard and I'm an Erickson Professional Coach from Erickson Coaching International. My background is in IT project management and I help mid & senior-level professionals find their dream career. Communication is a long time fascination of mine and what I do for a living. More info here: www.damgaardcoaching.com

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