About the event

Do you ever experience emotional outbursts that you don't seem to be able to control and move on with your day? Sometimes these emotions are so strong that it affects your whole day and any subsequent interaction you have; at work with colleagues or home with your partner and child...

Do you want to learn how to identify and manage these emotions, so you get in and out of them without much damage? Well, my friend, this workshop is then for you.

Full disclosure though:

Too much of certain emotions can throw us off balance and our overall well-being gets affected, but on the flip side, can you imagine how dull and uninteresting our life would be without some emotional spikes here and there?

For us to take care of our well-being, we need to keep in check a ratio of ‘positive’ to ‘negative’ emotions. Life is meant to be lived with the good and the ugly, meaning, we need to experience the full spectrum of emotions; no emotion is bad.

The goal is not to indulge in emotional roller coasters or suppress certain emotions, the goal is to find the fine balance. Easy said than done, I know. Hence, I invite you to this self-management workshop, where we will learn:

⚡ Different strategies to generate the desired emotion.

⚡To redefine our beliefs by challenging some of our irrational thoughts.

⚡To discover factors that affect our emotions and how to prepare a better base for our emotions when they come up.

⚡ To avoid emotional high jacking and explosive reactions.

Managing emotions is a full-time job and in this workshop, we will have hands-on interactive activities where we will discuss, think and come up with new strategies to manage our emotions. We will look into techniques that we could implement as a daily routine and some other deeper exercises that will be effective in the long run.

One of the exercises we will be looking into is creating new emotional rules ( example below) and here I would like to ask you:

⭐️ Have you ever wondered about the rules you have created for yourself that trigger your emotional responses?

⭐️ Are you even aware of those rules?

⭐️ Do you have easy rules or hard rules?

⭐️ Would you like to reconsider those rules?

When you will realize some of those rules you have, you might just go ‘F*** it this is not worth it.’ and life can only get better from there.

To illustrate what I mean by emotional rule:

Søren is biking home, a biker in front of him, takes over suddenly without signalling and almost causes a coalition. In this situation people will have different reactions, some might get all pissed; shout, scream and get all aggressive and maybe chase the biker, others might just go 'IDIOT' and move on...Back to Søren, what rules has he set for himself to get into a state of anger? Will this situation make him just annoyed, frustrated, angry or worse furious? Where did Søren set the bar to allow himself to get into a state of anger? One rule could be, if someone does something stupid then I can feel anger, how often do you think that will happen? Another rule could be in case of social injustice I can feel anger. Here is the art of managing your emotional state, here is where emotionally intelligent people make a difference.

Emotions and you, do you know who’s the boss?

Join me in this workshop to fight emotional slavery and let’s kill the myth of ‘You need to be happy all the time’. Being happy is nice, but it’s not enough for you to get the best juicy stuff out of life. All emotions have value and significance.

About the Host

Hey! I am Maroua. Coach and an unshakable optimist. My mission is to help people experience success and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Through my workshops, I would like you to stop holding back and start crafting the life you so deeply desire. A little bit more about me: I am a certified health/life coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, and my previous education was in finance. I decided to be a coach because I realized that my life cannot be just about scrolling through excel sheets and typing in numbers. Well! I do some other fancy stuff from time to time but working with people is what makes me feel alive and satisfied. www.marouasajeb.com

Registration and Details

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120, -DKK for 1 workshop.

50% discount for Think members.

Please sign-up in advance by mobilepaying to 29741750 (Maroua).


13/06 Emotional Intelligence: Self Management

TBD Emotional Intelligence: Motivation & Resilience

TBD Emotional Intelligence: Empathy

TBD Emotional Intelligence: Relationships

Note: Please bring pen and paper.

I guarantee nothing but a lot of learning & fun!

Much love ❤️