About the event

‘Self-awareness is like great sex: everyone thinks they have a ton of it, but in reality no one knows what the fuck they’re doing.’ M.Manson

Life is too much sometimes, so how often do you:

⚡ Experience emotional outbursts?

⚡ Or have a complete emotional shutdown which inhibits you from communicating as you want with others?

⚡ Have difficulty understanding your emotional states in general and get confused and frustrated?

⚡ Tend to have a more heightened view of yourself and the world around: excessively pessimistic or optimistic?

⚡ Get pushed around by people because you actually don’t know what you want? And who you want to be?

My friend, I got you! and this workshop is just what you need!

Join me in this first out of five Emotional intelligence (EQ) workshops where we will start off with the first pillar of EQ which is ‘Self Awareness’, the keystone of emotional intelligence as per Daniel Goldman.

In this workshop you will discover:

⭐️ What is EQ and find out your own EQ level

⭐️A deeper understanding of "who you are" on a fundamental level

⭐️ The importance of understanding your emotional states and knowing your distractions and triggers

⭐️ Tools that will allow you to cultivate your self-awareness on a daily basis

Basically we aim to 'cut the BS', get comfy with ourselves and accept ourselves with all the crappy experiences we had.

Do you know that feeling when something is up, but you don’t really know what it is? Say when every time this ‘someone you really care about’ calls you and reminds you of how much they are 'disappointed' with you, you end up regurgitating a massive piece of cake or a bottle of wine…and feeling all sick?

Diagnosing and investigating your emotional states can be a tricky process, especially when you don’t know your triggers and distractions, the routines and habits that you have taken on without giving it much thought.

In this workshop, we will also look at what is Emotion? Difference between feelings and emotions and how can we have a more accurate assessment of our emotional state and a better understanding of both our moods and the thoughts surrounding our moods.

Emotions are powerful, however, indulging in them and letting ourselves be driven by each and every one that comes our way can be dangerous. We can fall in the trap of over-analyzing emotions by generating other emotions and some more… and end up falling in self-obsession.

Through a variety of tools and exercises, we will dig into ourselves to get a clearer picture about our ‘true self’. A self that is not better or worse than the ‘truth’.

Remember you will be living with yourself for the rest of your life , could be tough if you don't appreciate that tenant that much! 

Note: Please bring pen and paper.


How to get the best out of these workshops?

In this series of workshops, we will go through the 5 components of Emotional intelligence. It is of course highly encouraged to attend all 5 of them  to get the best out of it, but you can have also one offs. You can consider this series of workshops as a course. In between each workshop we will have an online shared space to interact and I will assist you with the assignments given to you following each workshop. Each workshop will start with a short briefing on the previous one  and a small discussion on any concerns you might have.

My personal aim with these workshops is for you to;

⭐️ Have a deep dive into all elements of EQ

⭐️Have practical exercises you can do between each workshop to rise your EQ

⭐️Have an online space where I can support you

⭐️To be part of a dynamic group of people that is willing to learn, have fun and do the work

About the Host

Hey! I am Maroua. Coach and an unshakable optimist. My mission is to help people experience success and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Through my workshops, I would like you to stop holding back and start crafting the life you so deeply desire. A little bit more about me: I am a certified health/life coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, and my previous education was in finance. I decided to be a coach because I realized that my life cannot be just about scrolling through excel sheets and typing in numbers. Well! I do some other fancy stuff from time to time but working with people is what makes me feel alive and satisfied.  www.marouasajeb.com

Registration and Details

Like what you read? Then, go ahead and save your seat.


120, -DKK for 1 workshop.                                                                    

500- DKK for all 5 workshops.

50% discount for Think members.

Please sign-up in advance by mobilepaying to 29741750 (Maroua).


29/02 Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness
28/03 Emotional Intelligence:  Self Management
25/04 Emotional Intelligence: Motivation & Resilience
23/05 Emotional Intelligence: Empathy
13/06 Emotional Intelligence: Relationships

                       ♡   Join us and let's get you a friend for life!  ♡

Note: Please bring pen and paper.

I guarantee nothing but a lot of learning & fun!

Much love ❤️