The Event:

✅ You want to discover and challenge yourself to try new things that creates a rush of fresh energy into your life.

✅ You have an urge to connect deeper with yourself on what makes you happy

✅ You are looking for the next evolutionary step in your life and dont know where to start.

✅ You feel stuck in an endless loop of work, house chores and “easy” entertainment like movies/netflix, drinks and beach holidays

✅ You want practical steps & a framework to jump into exploring what makes you tick

You will be walking away with:
✮ A bigger picture of why getting in touch with activities that genuinely excite you is important, and its probably not what you think..
✮ A good overview of what your particular areas to explore are as well as a first draft bucket list!
✮ Tips & strategies for implementing fun & genuine enthusiasm into your every-day life

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Doing stuff that light you up regularly makes your life interesting for you and the people around you.

And I’m not talking about going shopping or catching up on game of thrones. I’m talking about the kind of activities you do because its fun and exciting for you to do them and gets you to express yourself as the unique human snowflake you are.

But what do you do if you feel stuck not knowing what that is or just don’t seem to get around to it ever?

You get a step by step framework for digging into yourself and little by little connect with what’s truly fun & awesome for you!

I'll also be sharing about the journey I took to find my own voice and use it to have more fun, live with fewer limits and spend my days doing the things I love.

We’ll start at 9.00 with introductions and then dig into why this subject is super important, even if you feel are really busy with other stuff.

Then we’ll get on with some nice exercises designed to squeeze your brain a little and discover what creates joy for you.

Finally we’ll talk about some of the ways to build habits of finding & engaging more of what you want + some Q&A if we have time.

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Bring Pen & Paper - we will be writing stuff down!

NB:This workshop leads into a second workshop later about the next level of happiness: “Working on Purpose” which builds on this one.

The Host:

I'm Mads Damgaard and I'm a Professional Erickson Coach from Erickson Coaching International. My background is in IT project management with a Msc Comp-sci & busines admin and I help senior-level professionals get excited about what they do. Everyone deserves to be happy with what they wake up to in the morning. More info here: or on facebook:

Registration and Details:

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