Have you ever experienced the pressure to be a woman in a certain way? Maybe you have received a comment that you are not feminine enough or you are too much? Or may be you have received advises to change the way you speak, talk, dress and behave to appear "more or less feminine" and that either pissed you off or made you sad for not being seen for who you are. Have you felt that there is a certain expectation and stereotype of what is to be the perfect woman and you don't really see yourself fitting in, making you feel you are not good enough or something is deeply flawed with you?

Well the truth is that you can't fit in because every woman has her own unique expression of the feminine, which most of the time does not comply with the social expectations of that ideal female stereotype. How about if I tell you that you have unique gifts and strengths waiting to be discovered by you and they are coded in your own astrological birth chart?

About the event

WHAT are you going to LEARN?

- How your birth astrological chart can be used as a tool for self-knowledge and self-development;

- What are the two major planets in your chart related with your female qualities (No, it is not your zodiac sign :) ?

- How to interpret the position of these planets in your chart configuration and identify your unique feminine strengths?

- How to use this knowledge in your everyday life and in the relationships with your family and friends?

For WHOM is this workshop for?
For every woman who wants to know her unique feminine strengths and which areas of life will allow her to shine her light best.

think.dk Center at Æbeløgade 4, 2100 København Ø

TESTIMONIALS from participants in my previous workshops:
"Mindblown! Everyone needs to learn this and the impact will be huge!" A.M.
"This is the best gift that you can give to yourself." L.T.
"Every woman should be familiar with her nature and how to turn the so called vulnerability into her power!" T.H..
"It's very important for women to get more info about their nature, to build confidence and feel good about themselves so we all can thrive. Thank you! Diana is awesome!" B.S.

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About the Host

Diana Z Petrova has a Global Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Health and her work is dedicated to women's sustainable physical, emotional and mental health & well-being. She has been working with women on different sustainable lifestyle & health projects for the last 8 years, organizing and facilitating workshops, lectures and health interventions in Denmark, India, Taiwan and Bulgaria. Her holistic approach is to integrate solid scientific knowledge with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.
For more information check www.thefemmepoweredbeing.com

Registration and Details

125 kr for think.dk members and 250kr for non-members.
You can Mobilepay on 20 68 69 53. The payment is not refundable. You can however sell your ticket to a friend. If you do so, please inform Diana (the facilitator).here]