We are open to everyone, whether experienced or just curious about the psychedelic experience. You can ask questions, share your story or start a discussion. Always a lovely vibe. See you there!

[ We start at 19:00, and you can arrive from 18.45. ]
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[ Event Desctiption ]
- How do we interpret our mystical experiences?
- How do we apply the knowledge to everyday life?
- What are the plants trying to teach us and what does it all mean?

Together we try to answer these questions. Share your story, ask for help or for new perspectives, or initiate a discussion. We don’t have to feel alone in trying to figure things out, we can learn from each other. Like the medicines want to teach us, we are all in this together.

Our previous meetings have been a great experience, providing good insights and a true community feeling. It's heartwarming to see how open people are and willing to help each other out in this process. If this sounds appealing to you, please join our circle! There are no requirements, and nothing is expected of you besides respect for your fellow humans and your genuine expression.

[ Price ]
The event is free, but donations are appreciated from those that have the means. Bring cash or mobile pay to Martin: 61719188.

[ Motivation for this initiative ]
Knowledge about the healing powers of entheogenic medicines (or psychedelic substances) is rapidly traveling around the world. For some it is a blissful experience, for others an incredible challenge, and perhaps for most a combination of the two.

The findings of the latest scientific research are undeniable and backed up by countless descriptions of positive transformation. This all depends on proper use, of course. And just as set and setting are paramount before any psychedelic experience, integration in the aftermath is incredibly important for a good outcome. Meeting with others on a simliar path can be very helpful, and that is why we decided to invite people to get together.