How do we best handle the development of the powerful technology developed around Artificial Intelligence? Where are we going with it, and who will control it in the future?

While AI is increasing our capabilities, technology is already well on its way to contributing to total surveillance mode and a distorted picture of the truth. Will we allow the use of such a powerful technology to uncontrollably dictate our future?

The Event

The documentary ‘iHuman’ follows the booming AI industry, outlines the opportunities and challenges it brings and describes its impact on the global community.

After the screening, we get the pleasure to follow a live skype interview directly from Russia with the world-renowned whistleblower and activist Edward Snowden and Henrik Moltke, knowledge and tech correspondent at DR (the danish broadcasting corporation) .

Then we switch to a panel debate between Snowden's lawyer Ben Wizner, the film's director Tonje Hessen Schei and Ph.D. and professor at DTU Compute as well as AI expert Thomas Bolander.

You will get the chance to send questions via SMS directly to the panel debate.

Registration and Details

Tickets: 60,- DKK, free for members of - get your ticket now to save your spot!

Our bar will be open!