The Berlin-based Duo MONA LA PHONA release a new EP called “Where is everybody?”, and we are super happy that they agreed to present their new songs on a living room concert at!

Musically the duo moves in electro-acoustic circles and follow this recipe: One heaped dessert spoon of analog, one heaped dessert spoon of digital.

Following their previous releases (Glowing Seas EP 2014 and Electric Seas EP (Remix) 2015) their evolution towards this upcoming EP is plain to see: You get more electronic beats and sounds but you don’t have to do without shiny bits of string quartet and hypnotising melodies. Each song is a universe in itself: while samples, e-guitars and synthesizer build on one side, the other is dominated by strings, voice and exquisite beats.

“Where is everybody?” has, like all other Mona la Phona releases, its melancholic moments - “my past is my burden, I carry it with constant fear. I`m filling the light with darkness” - but it shines with an uncommon brightness and lust for life - “The air is thin, the view is great, a thousand little sins. Just wait and see, the sky gets clear and oh the night is young.” - through every track of the EP.

Who says you can’t dance if you’re fed up with the world again?

Grab your tickets via the low-fi platform here!

Doors open at 19:30