Kenneth Dahl Knudsen is a Danish bassplayer and composer. He played a beautiful concert at with KAYAN PROJECT, and now he comes back to share more of his awesome music with us: we proudly present's first jazz concert!

With 3 albums out Kenneth has made a name for himself on the jazzscene and is one of the busiest players out there. He is signed on two Rivers Records in London and has toured in Japan, Thailand, Libanon, Marocco, Israel, Brasil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Us and all over Europe.

The music is curious to Whatever the World has to offer and is rooted somewhere between the modern jazz and the classical heritage. 

This Night Kenneth presents his own material with the best musicians in Copenhagen! Here's the set up:

  • Magnus Thuelund - sax
  • Brian Massaka - guitar
  • William Larsson - piano
  • Daniel Sommer - drums
  • Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - bass

Doors open 19:30, the concert starts at 20:00.

Price: 12 $ - get your ticket via the LowFi-Platform now!