Community dinner is a cornerstone of the community and we invite you to join us for a delicious meal and great conversation!

The event has an open end, and the dinner is potluck style! So please bring at least one (home made:) dish you want to share with everyone. We don't plan in details, as the random mix of food always turns out great.

The core of this evening is sharing food. So please don't come with empty hands! If you don't feel comfortable with cooking, you can bring a bottle of wine, some bread, fruit or a simple dessert.

We encourage organic, vegetarian and/or vegan dishes as these tend to serve both the planet and our health better. We are understanding of people's individual choice of diet, so please feel encouraged but not restricted.

We're looking forward to hanging out with this beautiful community! Feel free to join late or leave early - we will be happy to see you anyways <3

Your hosts for the evening is Lemon and Michael.