André presents his master thesis from The Danish Technical University(DTU): The Reduction Potential of Plastics and Microplastics in Bio-Fertilizer. #Sustainability #Circular Economy #Microlastics #Bioplastics #Green Technology

About the event

Plastics and microplastics are a growing environmental concern and the knowledge surrounding its origin, problems and solutions are limited. This presentation will give a unique and pioneering understanding of microplastic pollution through bio-fertilizers and its solutions on industrial and local scale.

About the Host

Originally from Norway, André Fagerheim studied Circular Economy and Industrial Ecology which have given him a broad and deep perspective in sustainability. Next to his technical and academical background, André has a deep passion for interpersonal relations, leading and facilitating workshops within the field of Men's Work and Men's Groups.

Registration and Details

This event is free for everyone.