This event is an opportunity to share your dreams for the world, to plan the next step in our part of making it a better place - and to get motivated & inspired by our community on how to make a real difference.

We celebrate the desire to do something that matters, make a real difference and have a positive impact in the world, however minute, imperfect and stumbly in the beginning.

The event will have a structure to make sure that everyone in the group gets time to speak and receive. There will be no preconceived theme or agenda – the main thing is what the members of the group bring to the table: hopes, struggles and stories of achievement.

We meet and connect with open-minded, positive people, inspiring possibility, knowledge, ideation and spiritual strength. We refuel the spark to go out again and face the world under the banners of change towards a better world – whatever this may look like for you and however small your contribution may be at this time.

We believe that our fulfilment in life comes from doing something meaningful - something that is a benefit to other people or the world at large, something that matters. 

This event is free for everyone.