!We're very sorry but unfortunately we have to cancel the flea market. We did not get enough registrations from sellers and a flea market only makes sense if you can choose between some stuff, right?
It seems like sailors use their stuff until it falls apart, which is nice and obviously something we had to learn ;) We might give it another try with a broader spectrum of things at a later point, so keep yourself posted by signing up to our newsletter :)
Thanks a lot for the support anyways and have a beautiful weekend everyone!


With the spring ahead comes nice weather and good winds, so you might plan on sailing soon! But maybe your sailing equipment is not ready or you're missing a sailing coat or gloves?
Or maybe you have some unused equipment lying around that would be happy to be reused instead of collecting dust in your closet? Join our flea market, have a nice chat with other sailors and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle at the same time!

As a first-year sailing student, our member Julie invites everyone to sell and buy second-hand sailing clothes and equipment.

Get more info and sign up as a seller today by writing to julie@think.dk.

Selling at the flea market is free, but we would highly appreciate a donation for the good cause :)