Sorry guys, due to health reasons we have to cancel the workshop. New date tba!

Spring has finally arrived! Problems with allergies or food intolerance? Did you know that the causes are often connected?

A healthy system copes with allergens, but if there is tension, infection, or fatigue, the arrival of an allergen tips the balance and an allergic response occurs in the form of hay fever, skin rashes, or gastric upsets. Also food allergies, if ignored, can lead to a general weakening of the immune system, masking themselves as arthritic pain, irritable bowel syndrome or persistent sinusitis.

During the workshop we are going to talk about the herbs that can strengthen the respiratory and the immune systems, so that the allergen does not cause the characteristic response. Together we are also going to prepare in the kitchen a herbal remedy with some of the plants discussed during the theoretical session.

Price: 50,- DKK - please get your ticket in advance!