We breathe approximately 20.000-30.000 times a day. Have you ever thought of how your breath influences your physical and emotional well-being?

Breathing matters! Especially if:

  • You are very stressed out
  • You feel body pain
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You have a lot of wandering thoughts you can't handle

Luckily your breathing can be trained for you to reach your full capacity, optimize your energy, and feel better in both your body and mind.

The teacher will be sharing with you some breathing techniques and exercises that have a big potential to improve your health.

About this workshop

This workshop will introduce you to specific breathing techniques such as fast and slow inhalation, exhalation, holding your breath, etc.

During this event we will explore how your breathing affects your well-being and how you can positively influence it. The exercises Julie will share with you will provide you with essential skills to master your breathing and consequently increase daily your energy level and overall peacefulness.

About the host

Julie Munck Olesen from woman-hood will guide you through these techniques. She is a Qi Gong teacher and ethnologist, a unique combination that allows her to understand how we live in today's society, and how values and norms affect our wellbeing and breathing. Her knowledge in the subject has been both shaped by classes taught by Stig Severinsen, a Danish world free-diving champion, as well as training courses at a movement academy. These experiences have helped her understand how important our breath is, and how crucial it is in controlling and understanding our bodies better.

The first thing we do in life is breathing in, and the last thing we will do will be breathing out. So breathing matters!

Details & registration

The event will cost 100,- DKK.
You can MobilePay Julie at 51558114 to have a spot saved - we have a limited capacity for this course so pre-registration is highly recommended!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.