We are planning an exciting event over two days to celebrate 2 years of think.dk accelerating change, and we want YOU to join :)

The Event

"Be Different" is the theme of the weekend and we'll be inviting inspirational and insightful dialogue from 6 guest speakers on how being different contributed to making the world a better place.

The Dialogue

will be in 6 categories think.dk is active in, with the confirmed speakers. And, you'll get a chance to take part in a live Q&A after!

Interactive Workshops

All this is spiced up with with interactive workshops to transition us from talking to connecting.

Program for today

  • Creativity - Low-Fi (Host your own live music concert)
  • Health - Tinkuy (the spiritual fitness centre)
  • Technology - Plant Jammer (Reduce food waste with AI)
  • Workshop: Hanne Daugaard (New Circle Movement) will be guiding a movement meditation to integrate and embody the inspiring weekend!

Details & Registration

Price: 200 DKK for the whole weekend | 100 DKK one-day-ticket | 300 DKK bring-a-friend-ticket - please get your ticket here!

The event is free for all co-creators of think.dk - please get in touch in case the code did not reach you yet <3