There is a huge list of practical things that need to be done before our summer break comes to an end - we want to start fresh, and take the acceleration to change to the next level in the months to come!

We claim to have the skills to do many things ourselves, but unfortunately we only have four hands. So this weekend, everyone who wants to support us and our mission gets the chance to support us in any of the following tasks:

  • Sew covers for our new couch
  • Build a wardrobe
  • Build new racks for our hifi equipment
  • Give our curtains the last finish
  • Replant some plants
  • Take nice pictures of the location
  • Rearrange Front Office & Big Room following Feng Shui guidelines
  • and many more!

You can just drop in on one of the days (or all of them ;), whenever it fits for you and offer your helping hands. We will bake some cake and you'll get tea and coffee as much as you want. We'll also serve some snacks, and you can use the kitchen if you want to bring proper food. We'll have some music playing and you'll meet exciting and like-minded people - so it's guaranteed that it won't get boring!

Looking forward to seeing you around,

Anja & Martin