A celebration of socializing with physical distance.

Shall we be united ... or divided? Shall we forego all our civil liberties to stay safe? Is that safe?

In think.dk we are very concerned with the situation. Both in terms of the disease and its clear, short and long term consequences – but also in terms of the price we are paying for staying safe.

This is not a situation to take lightly. While we must all keep a safe distance and support the government efforts to control the spread, we must also be aware of the hidden consequences, also both in the short and the long term. We cannot give up on the most valuable aspect of life – being together – in the name of safety. We believe that if the division and isolation goes on for too long, even more people will be risking their mental health and that these forgotten consequences could end up outweighing those of the disease.

Therefore we now invite you for a walk in the park. With the deepest respect for the 2 meter distance. Let's make it 3 meters, just to be on the safe side.

Let's us meet and walk together, talk together and show unity in what binds us together – our real life humanity, the shared moments that we didn't even have enough of before this circus came to town.

We will keep a safe distance.
We only walk in one direction.
If we are many, we will divide into smaller groups – and maintain a safe distance within the groups.
We repeat – with safe distance.

This is not a demonstration – it is a personal meeting, for people who believe we need each other to create a future in balance. If it gets crowded, please behave calmly, find another park – or another day to walk together.

We will meet at the red circle and follow the route indicated on the image below.

We start walking on Sunday the 10th of May at 14:00.

Walk with us. Talk with us.