Would you like to make greener choices in your life and help our planet?

Then read this carefully!

The project ‘Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator’ will offer you the tools to measure your current material and carbon footprints, as well as to design and test the actions for an improved sustainable living.

The initiative was ambitiously launched by the Wuppertal Institute, a leading institution on sustainability research. More than 70 000 private households in seven different countries (Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, India) are taking part, in order to implement their footprint reductions in the areas of housing, nutrition, mobility, purchases and leisure activities. Based on the successes of other countries such as Finland, participants can not only make improvements up to 25% within their households, but also – as many stated - achieve more fulfilling happy lives!

As a participant, you will:

-complete the QuickFootprinting questionnaire by Sunday 1 September to help us measure your material and carbon footprints;

-join the Workshop “Your life in year 2030“ on Sunday 22nd September: during this meeting we will reveal the results of the footprintings, discover the science and potential behind everyday life change and define the goals and steps to reduce our environmental impact easily with different games and tools;

-test the selected ‘improvement actions’ in the four weeks that follow the previous workshop. (Little time is needed for these activities.)

-join a final meeting in October to share the experiences and set the challenges for the future.

About the host

Chiara Cimenti is a bachelor student of the course Global Nutrition & Health and project manager of the initiative ‘Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator’ in Denmark. She is passionate about sustainable living, with a focus on sustainable and healthy diets. If you would like to know more about the project, you can contact her at slaprojectdk@gmail.com.

Registration and Details

This event is for free for anyone to attend!

If you want to attend, you have to register through this link and fill in the questionnaire QuickFootprinting and send it back to slaprojectdk@gmail.com by Sunday 31 August. The registration and the completed questionnaire are pre-requisites for the participation to the events.

You can find more information about the project here: