We had a rough couple of months, but we made it over the three year mark - and things are going better than ever: time to have a party!

The Event

"Best of three years" is the theme of the day and we've invited some of our 'oldest' companions to share their own take on changing this world for a better.

We invite you for a day of togetherness, sharing and inspiration on how each of us can change this world for the better!

We'll start with some delicious activities hosted by our members, all inspiring you to lead a more sustainable life :

1. The Femmepowered Being: "Superpowers of the Natural Cycles: A framework to live a sustainable life in modern times“

2. Live Your Legend LOCAL Copenhagen: "Self-interest vs Serving the world"

3. tba :)

In the evening we invite you to join our classic community potluck dinner, the all time favourite of our members will this time be open for anyone to join!

Our bar will be open until the last guests leaves, and our dancefloor opens on demand :P

Details and Registration

The event is free for everyone. We always welcome Donations to you Center, each Øre helps us to pay the rent :)