Today's education system is broken. People learn things for jobs that won't exist anymore in the near future – but what is it we should learn instead? Join this mini workshop to hear our plan and find out if you want to be involved in changing the future of education!

Mark Turrell has a 25 year plan to change the world – and bringing high quality education to millions of people is part of it. He is a strategist, educator and entrepreneur. He works at the intersection of business, technology and society. He combines collective intelligence with AI, networks, complex systems, behavioral science and neuroscience. Learn more about the host!

Mark plans to deliver social-emotional learning in the form of unique and high quality learning content to companies, schools and private people through a combination of offline education centers, an online learning platform and an online community - and today we'll find out how he plans to bring his idea to life. 

You can learn more about 21st century skills in this report!

Join us if you're curious, if you have an opinion on education of the future and especially if you'd like to be involved in making this happen!

The event is free for everyone.